Shoji Morimoto is a man who gets paid to do nothing in Tokyo

Shoji Morimoto is a man who gets paid to do nothing in Tokyo. Morimoto runs a rental service where clients can hire him to literally do nothing at all. Oftentimes, people hire him to accompany them to a restaurant, where he'll quietly eat beside them, or respond to simple questions, but only if spoken to first. 

He also goes on walks with people, especially when the client is going somewhere that they feel nervous to visit alone. He's helped people through their specific personal struggles, too. He spent time with one woman whose boyfriend had recently passed away. He wore her deceased boyfriend's hat and waved goodbye to her on a train platform as she rode away. This simple gesture was something that helped her feel less alone during this hard time in her life.

I can see why people like Moriomoto to keep them company. His kind and calming presence is something I can feel through the computer screen.  Morimoto's service has been a success, and he schedules one to three sessions a day. He says he thinks that civilization only exists when even "useless" people can live. In my opinion, he is the opposite of useless, as he helps all of his clients by simply being present and there for them.