First space-bound Wailaki of Round Valley Indian Tribes woman: Nicole Aunapu Mann

NASA Artemis Mission Commander, Major, U.S. Marine Corps, Astronaut Nicole Aunapu Mann is currently set for launch aboard a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft scheduled to dock with the International Space Station no sooner than September 2022.

At the upper boundary of humanity's technological limit where NASA operates, new "firsts" are part and parcel in such rarified air, causing The Martian's Mark Watney to voice:

It's a strange feeling. Everywhere I go, I'm the first. Step outside the rover? First guy ever to be there! Climb a hill? First guy to climb that hill! Kick a rock? That rock hadn't moved in a million years! I'm the first guy to drive long-distance on Mars. The first guy to spend more than thirty-one sols on Mars. The first guy to grow crops on Mars. First, first, first!

To Nicole Aunapu Mann's, I tip my hat as she represents so many things for such an impossibly diverse group of cultures in one sitting, and say "Thank you, for being our astronaut."