The Moon in 174 Megapixels: Clear enough to see all the animal kingdom, not just the proverbial rabbit

The new James Webb Space Telescope has shown all of us the most amazing, detailed, and awe-inspiring images from the infinitely expanding universes, a time-traveling telescope that has rearranged assumptions about physics, astronomy, and the origins of what we call space. Nearer the earth, one celestial sphere has always been with us, lest we forget: the moon. And while we wonder and ponder the implications of new images from millions of light years away, astrophotographers Andrew McCarthy and Connor Matherne, who is also planetary scientist, have given us new detailed insight into the composition of the moon.

From Arizona Public Media:

McCarthy has specialization in detailed photographs, taking tens of thousands of photos to capture the geographical features on the moon's surface while Matherne prefers to shoot deep space photos, specializing in colors.

Combining their talents in over 200,000 pictures shot over a two-year period, the details are astonishing, the images reveal to all of us, without a telescope at home, this nearby celestial wonder. Check out McCarthy's Twitter feed.