Corn Boy action figure

Corn Boy is the gift that keeps on giving. I previously published a post on Boing Boing featuring this amazing young gentleman who absolutely adores corn. Well, the good folks over at Sir Collect-a-Lot Toys have dreamed up an action figure toy that pays homage to this very fine young corn lover, and fans are DOWN FOR IT.

Check it out here, recently posted on their Instagram page. Commenter "ashsaxman" responds, "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing." I'm with you, ashsaxman. Sir Collect-a-Lot Toys also has a campaign going to get one of these corn toys in the hands of Corn Boy—whose real name is Tariq—himself:

🌽 It's corn. 🌽 Let's see if we can get this action figure to the young corn-loving creative genius, Tariq, himself – tag @recess_therapy and @julianmsb in the comments. It's corn. ❤️