Harley Quinn is getting a fourth season

Sometimes, being popular pays off. Since the character's introduction in the early 90s, Harley Quinn has been a fan favorite. Considering that she was originally intended to be a one-off henchman in the prestigious Batman: The Animated Series, it's remarkable how intertwined the character has become with DC Comic's modern brand. One could even make a salient argument that Harley has exceeded the Joker in terms of popularity. Hell, one could even make a similar argument with Batman himself. They'd be wrong, of course, but not by much. 

As a result of her popularity, Harley Quinn earned a titular animated series on HBO Max, and as it turns out, her popularity is also what will help her keep it on the air. Warner Brothers have been canceling DC projects and animated series left and right for the last month. Despite falling under both categories, HBO Max has renewed Harley Quinn for a fourth season. 

In an unprecedented move considering the last few months, HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery actually renewed a TV show and it's the fantastic Harley Quinn, which is currently mid-way through its third season. The show, which successfully made the jump from the late-DC streaming service, DC Universe, to HBO earlier this summer, has been a critical darling and cult favorite since 2020. Along with the renewal, HBO also announced that the series would get a new showrunner: Sarah Peters, a Harley Quinn writer since season one. Current showrunners, Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern, will remain involved with the series as producers.