You should eat some Dick's

Dick's Drive-In is one of those Emerald City landmarks that quietly stands quietly in the B-Boy pose at the back of the room, adding that Seattle flavor to the scene like Uncle Roger slinging MSG. We've all seen pictures of Mk VI Bill Gates standing in line at Dick's back in the day:

Or dialing the wayback machine to the 4:3 TV aspect ratio days, when Mk IV Bill Gates was getting interviewed by Charlie Rose in a 60 Minutes interview at Queen Anne Dick's:

Earlier than that, Mk II Sir Mix-A-Lot professed SWASS love for Dick's back before releasing Baby Got Back 4 years later:

Washington's #1 Fake News Source: (think Washington State Onion) recently joked "Video Shows Washington Ferry Crash While Captain Eating Bag of Dick's.

SEATTLE – New video released today shows the most recent Washington ferry crash. It was a 'very hard landing' and it will cost millions of dollars to fix. During the time of the crash there is also video of the cockpit showing the ferry captain eating a bag of Dick's burgers. Sources don't know how the ferry captain got Dick's Drive-In onboard but there is still an ongoing investigation.

New footage shows Washington ferry crash that caused millions of dollars in damages

Video Shows Washington Ferry Crash While Captain Eating Bag of Dick's |

There's a plethora of reasons, Dick's has such loyal customers, at the top of the list would be the long history of the way Dick's treats their employees, most noticeably from pay that has always been at the top of the range over the majority of local competition.

Most importantly, Dick's is at the top of the list of places in Seattle because they've got some seriously delicious hamburgers that make In-N-Out not worth the wait, even if it was for a Double Double w/ 98 extra Meat Patties & extra Cheese AKA: 100 x 100 served with a sweaty cheese morsel of schadenfreude:

Now at this point…we all feel extremely sick. VERY sick. Disgusted. It's not quite because we are all full. But it's more a factor of just being completely disgusted and nauseated by the sweaty cheese. Can you blame us…

But we finished! We rule in our fatness….


Oh yeah…. nothing says "Vegas baby" like barfing, not because of booze..but because of burgers.

The sad thing is, In-N-Out use to be one of my favorite things in the world. Now..the thought of it makes me sick and I haven't touched it since. :(

In-N-Out 100×100 | @whatupwilly!

So, next time you're in Seattle, eat some Dick's, try the Ivar's clam chowder, and get Yasuko's Chicken Teriyaki for the Seattle Land, Sea & Air Triple-Trifecta.