There's a secret Back To The Future museum in Central Massachusetts

From the same region of the country that brought you Johnny Appleseed and the Pink Lawn Flamingo comes this unofficial Back to the Future museum. Christopher Lloyd even visited the barn back in 2020, and was so impressed at the collection that he gave it a hearty "Great Scott!

A few more details on Bill Shea's private collection, via WHDH:

Bill Shea and his son Patrick have been avid collectors of Back to the Future props since Patrick saw the original film in 1985. The duo's legendary collection culminated in the "BTTF Barn."

The two have collected original costumes from the films, as well as over 100 movie props like Doc Brown's "Brain Wave Analyzer," Marty McFly's stunt Hoverboards and the panthers from the clock tower in the original movie.


The first DeLorean the Shea's bought was not used in any of the films, but the pair modified the car with the addition of the famous "flux capacitor."

The duo have amassed two more film-used DeLoreans over the years, including the one that was destroyed at the end of the 3rd film, which the duo had reassembled.

Shea offers private tours of his makeshift museum, with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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