Scientists discovered two antibodies that beat all known COVID-19 strains with more than 90% efficacy

Researchers at Tel Aviv University and their colleagues have identified two antibodies they report can neutralize all of today's known COVID-19 variants with up to 97% efficacy in a laboratory setting. It's possible, they explain, that these antibodies could eliminate the need for vaccine boosters. They reported their findings in the scientific journal Communications Biology.

From the Times of Israel:

Antibody infusions are already used to treat some coronavirus patients, and microbiologist Dr. Natalia Freund, who directed the new study, said the antibodies she identified could be used to concoct a particularly potent infusion.

Based on their performance in lab conditions, the antibodies could provide the extra protection that today comes from booster shots, she said, adding that this could potentially make extra shots unnecessary among vaccinated people.

"COVID-19 infection can cause serious illness, and we know that providing antibodies in the first days following infection can stop the spread of the virus," Freund said.

"It is therefore possible that by using effective antibody treatment, we will not have to provide booster doses to the entire population every time there is a new variant," she added.