Authorities seize hummus bowls molded from crushed amphetamine tablets

Authorities in Damascus, Syria seized an assortment of hummus bowls that were made from crushed amphetamine pills. More than 50 pounds of fenethylline hydrochloride tablets (brand name: Captagon) had been pulverized into a paste to "mold pottery-like dishes coated with a brown adhesive," according to law enforcement. Apparently illicit Catpagon is one of Syria's largest exports.

From the Times of Israel:

One man was arrested in Damascus in connection with the thwarted trafficking attempt, the statement said, without specifying where the shipment of fake hummus bowls was bound for.

Captagon traffickers have in recent years found ever more imaginative places in which to conceal their drug, from fake oranges, to real hollowed-out pomegranates and pitted olives.