2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Champion knocks out competition to remain undefeated

Dawid "Zales" Zalewski (pronounced "ZAHL-esh") knocked the everlasting Scheiße out of Koa "Da Crazy Hawaiian" Viernes to win the 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship. The winning slap's reportly sounded like a clap of thunder, as it violently snatched Da Crazy Hawaiian's consciousness away, who promptly locked-up like a Westworld host hearing the "Freeze all motor functions" command, right before collapsing to the floor.

Some of the key rules for SFC events, which air live and free on streaming service Fanmio, include: 

– All strikes are delivered with an open palm to the opponent's cheek.

– Each bout is three rounds, with one slap per fighter per round.

– Winners are determined in three ways: knockout, a TKO if a fighter cannot continue after the 30-second time limit between slaps, or a judges' decision.

– Judges can order extra time if they believe there's a tie after three rounds.

– A slapper's feet must be parallel to each other, no farther than shoulder-width apart, and must remain stationary during and after the slap.

– Fighters cannot tuck their chins, lean back, or otherwise block or avoid the slaps.

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