The unintentional ASMR of legendary comic artists

If you've ever attended a comic book convention and happened across artist alley, you know that it's the heart and soul of the gathering. Irrespective of which avenue of interest drew you to the convention center, the artists that spend their days dutifully sketching for fans helped create the worlds that stoke the passion of billions of geeks worldwide. Whether you're going to a con for movie announcements or cosplay, the brilliant minds in the artist's alley are the catalyst- both directly and indirectly- for 85 percent of the fans in attendance.

Aside from rubbing elbows with legends, watching these modern-day masters fire off a high-quality sketch in under 30 minutes is one of the coolest aspects of spending a day in their midsts. During their sketch sessions, the constant scratches and scribbles of their pencils gliding across their sketchbooks provide another level of enjoyment. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Best Unintentional ASMR delivers some of the dopest B-roll to one of the most soothing sounds for any art fan.