Video: gang of green extraterrestrials attack two women on NYC subway

At 2am on Sunday, a gang of green extraterrestrials allegedly assaulted two women on a New York City subway. Video below. From Fox5NY:

Two 19-year-old women had gotten into an argument with the group of leotard-wearing women.  It escalated and victims were pushed and punched and then they were robbed of their phones, credit cards, wallet, and personal items[…]

"Those poor girls were like having to take on like 10 women and it bled into the car and no one really knew what was going on," the woman, who did not want to be identified, said.  "It was so chaotic."

The extraterrestrials fled the scene and fortunately the victims were not seriously injured. I'd like to see this gang take on the Baseball Furies.