"The Turning Point" seeks to spark dialog with novel approach to blame

Executive Producer Trevor Noah and MSNBC Films docuseries "The Turning Point" seek to spark discussion through explorations of hot button topics, with a deliberate editorial directive to minimize the blame game.

Trevor Noah spoke about the inception and ethos of The Turning Point earlier with Jimmy Fallon:

Jimmy Fallon: This is very, very interesting. It's a bunch of documentaries. It's on MSNCB, and these films look at issues like climate change, voting rights. And how do you choose what stories to cover with these?
Trevor Noah: Well, I'm really lucky that we had a fantastic team that came together to create this idea, for looking at the news, beyond just the moment that it happens. You know, I know America loves the take of the day, I get that. You know, I do a daily show, but I sometimes think that we lose perspective if we don't think about the why's and the how's, the story behind the story. How does it affect people in a way that you didn't consider? How do you even separate yourself from the surface issue to speak about what's actually happening?


Jimmy Fallon: And how did we get there, and also what are we learning, and how and what are we changing?

Trevor Noah: Yeah, but just, without — a lot of the time, it's — everything is associated with blame, and I think sometimes if we have a conversation about what is without looking at who you want to or not want to blame, you can just have a discussion around the why, and then you can go from there. I feel like we live in a world where people argue about everything, and I don't think you have to agree with everyone on everything. You can go, "That's my parking spot", I go: "That is my parking spot" But now we're getting to a world where I go: "That's my parking spot" and somebody goes: "What parking spot?"

The Turning Point will launch as a three episode series:

► 10.23.2022 – Shouting Down Midnight
► 11.13.2022 – From Devil's Breath
► 11.20.2022 – Split Screen