Anna May Wong will be the first Asian American to be featured on American currency

Outside of the general tragedy surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a horrific uptick in violence against Asian Americans. Throughout 2020 and 2021, there was a litany of news stories recounting barbaric attacks against Asian Americans- raging from brutal to lethal- based on ignorant and hateful correlations to the spread of Covid-19. Although the accounts opened many Americans' eyes to the rampant discrimination Asian Americans experience, they were far from the first cases of violence inflicted on members of the AAPI community. Shortly after the attacks, the StopAsianHate slogan and hashtag began to blanket the internet in an attempt to bring attention and awareness to the suffering of the AAPI community.

As a consequence of the StopAsianHate movement, there has been an increased focus on inclusivity to help members of the AAPI community feel as valued as Americans as anyone else. In the post linked above, you can read about how the actress Anna May Wong will become the first member of the AAPI community to be featured on American currency.