Ikea threatens developer of indie horror game set in parody of store

"The Store Is Closed" is an indie horror game set in an apparent parody of Ikea called "Styr." The Swedish furniture and homegoods store has now demanded that the developer, Jacob Shaw, "remove all indicia associated with the famous Ikea stores" within ten days or experience their wrath.

"I was going to spend the last week of my Kickstarter preparing an update for all the new alpha testers," UK game developer Jacob Shaw told Kotaku. "But now I've got to desperately revamp the entire look of the game so I don't get sued."

From Polygon:

In the letter seen by Kotaku, Ikea's lawyers say that the game "uses, without our client's authorization, indicia associated with the famous IKEA stores."

It defines these "indicia" as follows: "Your game uses a blue and yellow sign with a Scandinavian name on the store, a blue box-like building, yellow vertical stiped shirts identical to those worn by Ikea personnel, a gray path on the floor, furniture that looks like Ikea furniture, and product signage that looks like Ikea signage. All the foregoing immediately suggest that the game takes place in an Ikea store."[…]

The Store is Closed appears to be a riff on SCP-3008, a joke entry in a fictional paranormal wiki about "a space resembling the inside of an Ikea furniture store, extending far beyond the limits of what could physically be contained within the dimensions of the retail unit." Inside SCP-3008, humanoids dressed as Ikea staff attack at night, saying, "The store is now closed, please exit the building."