McDonald's created a videogame chair with french fry holders and stain-proof leather

image: McDonald's

The McCrispy is a throne for videogame play created by McDonald's as part of a contest promotion around the UK release of the McCrispy chicken sandwich. The leather (?) upholstery is apparently treated to be stain-resistant. Also included is a branded sweat/grease/sauce towel. It's not clear if the chair is a one-off prize or will be available for sale. From Gizmodo:

The ergonomic, plush looking chair comes equipped with dual side trays, one perfectly form fitted to hold a box of large golden McDonald's fries and the other serving as burger "heat zone" to keep sandwiches warm and, one hopes, salmonella-free for the duration of the gaming session. The fry holder side of the chair also has twin slots carved out to hold a pair of dipping sauces. Drink and napkin holders are included as well.

Are you lovin' it?