Nerf and League of Legends teamed up to make Jinx's Fishbone blaster real

League of Legends
 demands your attention. Whether you play the game or not is immaterial; League of Legends will find a way into your life. In addition to being one the most popular games on the planet, the franchise is also one of the most watched eSports on the competitive gaming circuit. Even though they own one of the biggest multiplayer online battle arena games, Riot Games has been steadily working to build a fighting game based on characters from League of Legends known as Project L. And even if you aren't into video games at all, Netflix's Arcane—based on League of Legends—has garnered copious critical acclaim and a ton of awards. 

As you contemplate the LOL's eventual takeover of the entertainment world, in addition to every government and institution we hold dear, you can get your hands on this new, limited edition Nerf gun based on Jinx's iconic rocket launcher Fishbones.