We're finally getting some more info on Arcane's second season

After months of waiting, Comicbook.com has finally given us some new information about Netflix's League of Legends adaptation, Arcane.

Every element of Arcane was magical. The proverbial proof is in the pudding, but for those who have yet to venture into Arcane, the show's insanely high Rotten Tomatoes score from critics and fans should serve as the perfect sales pitch to the series. Arcane is just that damn good, folks. Hell, Arcane even has the ability to make one of the most uninspired and generic modern rock acts seem like creative titans in their field. 

For those familiar with the show's first season, Arcane's opening theme, written and performed by Imagine Dragons, probably became one of your favorite tracks of the year. I still catch myself humming it every now and then, despite my apathy for the band that created it. In addition to a catchy theme, Arcane's soundtrack perfectly matched the events that unfolded in the show. And according to the tweet below, Arcane's second season looks to have an equally excellent soundtrack. 

Arcane's showrunner, Christian Linke, hinted at the soundtrack for the upcoming second season, clearly excited in putting together the tunes for the project. One of the biggest tracks of the first season was thanks to the performers who make up the band Imagine Dragons. Enemy acted as the opening theme for season one, so it will be interesting to see if it once again takes the spot for season 2 or if a new tune is chosen.