How to boot your ex from your Netflix profile

It's sad when love fades. Trying to pinpoint the exact moment when a relationship has begun to atrophy is tough. Rarely ever do both parties in a pairing lose interest in one another at the exact same time. More often than not, one person begins to assemble an escape raft to exit the relationship long before the other party is privy to their discontentment. In other scenarios, both parties have mutually lost interest but are waiting for their former better half to pull the trigger on the relationship. Breakups are a messy business.

Even though it's tricky to pinpoint the specific second a couple loses that initial spark of attraction, there's one universal indication that two people are never getting back together: they stop sharing a Netflix account. Previously, the process of removing an ex from your Netflix login was awkward, but not anymore, as the streaming service unveiled a new feature to give your former beau or babe the boot.

The "Manage Access and Devices" feature allows members to view recent devices that have streamed from their account and remotely log out of specific devices to instantly terminate access. An image provided by Netflix shows that the new feature lists the device that was used along with the name of the user, the location of the device, and details of the last time it accessed the account.