Podcast about Alex Jones's weird, pre-Infowars history

"I grew up in Dallas, TX, drinking sodium fluoridated water, and all the scientific studies show my IQ has been reduced by at least 20 points. The shadow of who I would have been calls out from the grave. The shadow of who you would have been calls out from the soul that is humanity. Your families are being broken up, your children are being trained to commit suicide. Our world is in crisis. Everything is parasitic. Every fulcrum, every benchmark, every root of wholesomeness is under assault because our enemy vengefully seeks to destroy all that is pure, all that is beautiful, all that is strong. But from the grace that is to humanity, I call out, and I say to the elite what a great mischief you have wrought, what a great, dark, wickedness you have created."

This is the introductory clip of Alex Jones for the new podcast episode, "The Alex Jones Miniseries 1: A Great, Dark, Wickedness," by the podcast crew All Lawyers Are Bastards.

The clip may be found with more context at 3:08 in this longer February 2008 video, "Alex Jones: Question your reality." I suggest watching the entire 14-year-old thing , a hodge-podge libertarian new-age sermon covering everything from fluoride to government conspiracies, cultural wars, and wacky nonsense.

Podcast host Tarik explains:

"This isn't a series we wanted to do, and I'm not sure it's a series we can do. Or at least do right. How did Alex Jones go from a colorful, local, public access personality in Austin, Texas, to a man beset to monetary judgment likely to exceed 1 billion US dollars?

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