Spend Thanksgiving with "The Recovery of Charlie Pickle" (Radio Play/Audiodrama)

Hello all, welcome back to Spoken Word with Electronics. If you've listened to the show for the last few years, you've likely noticed two tracks at the end of each episode, entitled "Charlie Pickle". The Recovery of Charlie Pickle (its full title) began first as a webcomic in 2002, but its full idea is as a novel with music. If you're an American, the current 12 hour audio is great for Thanksgiving, as it follows the rise and failure of a Texas city. If you're not stuck in the U.S., then you'll likely enjoy the other stories, including strip mining, zip disc hacking, brain water, and telecopter news reporting.

Listener favorites include the Spitting Championship of Angela Simmons and portrait pieces like Ben at the Blue Eagle Bar. This most recent installment, Episode 63, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, brings a particular storyline thread to a close, and is fitting as a conclusion for the story's first act. Here is Book One of The Recovery of Charlie Pickle: