Meet the Terrenes, the people of Earth in (some) science fiction

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There are many demonyms in SF that refer to natives or inhabitants of Earth, including Earthian, Earther, earthling, Tellurian, and Terrestrial. A favorite of ours is Terran, which derives from Terra, from the Latin word terra 'earth'; it just sounds like a good word for the concept: foreign enough that it feels like a genuine proper name, not so foreign that you have to stop to puzzle it out.

Terran dates from the mid-1930s; we are now adding an earlier variant, Terrene (along with its related (and more common) adjective Terrene), which are slightly earlier, from the late 1920s. In English, the -ene suffix (ultimately deriving from Greek) is used to form names of natives or inhabitants of particular places, especially in Asia Minor, such as Damascene or Nazarene; here it is applied to Terra as a name for Earth itself.

While we're here, we're also extending Earthian by adding the rare spelling variant Earthean (and its adjective).