Why hasn't this groundbreaking mess-handling tech resulted in a new generation of pooper-scoopers?

Our first puppy will arrive at SEATAC airport tomorrow, so thoughts have been puppy-centric lately, and while ruminating on sanitary protocols, thoughts shifted to the SWITL technology, and how it could be a neat approach to picking up stuff that comes out of dogs. For the uninitiated, SWITL enjoyed a short bout of fame in 2011 when blog articles popped up displaying it's famous ketchup and mayo handling capabilities:

A quick consultation with the Oracle at Google, reveals that the Furukawa Kikou robotics company does still exist, however the SW-011 cost not an arm, a leg and your everlasting soul like that rust vaporizing laser, but instead $550'ish (¥75,000), and runs on Alternating Current. If one were to make the SWITL battery powered, light weight and use doggie poo bags as the motive surface or have a receptacle like the Diaper Genie, I'd happily pay Gen 8 video game console prices.

Screen Grab: Furukawakikou