Try these delicious non-dairy ice cream treats!

I'm back with some more recommendations from Trader Joe's delicious vegan offerings. This time I'm giving you the lowdown on three delicious non-dairy ice cream treats: (1) Vegan Cookies & Crème Vanilla Bean Bon Bons, (2) Oat Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Sandwiches, and (3) Hold the Dairy! Mini Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cones. The bon bons are delightfully crunchy on the outside, with creamy coconut-based ice cream in the middle—and the dark chocolate is perfectly semi-sweet. The ice cream sandwiches are very reminiscent of the ones we used to eat in elementary school, with a soft cakey outer layer and an oat-based ice cream middle. My favorite of all three are the mini dessert cones—the coconut-based chocolate ice cream is especially creamy in these (and tastes the most like coconut, so be forewarned), and the chocolate pieces on top add an extra crunch. The cone is lined with chocolate so you get a bit of slightly crunchy lagniappe all the way 'til the end. I promise I don't work or or get paid by Trader Joe's, I'm just a fan!