Old Enough! is the post-pandemic palate cleanser I needed

There's nothing quite as simultaneously quirky and heartwarming as Japanese TV, and long-running reality series Old Enough! is a perfect example of that intersection. Since 1991, the show has tasked toddlers with undergoing (sometimes quite long and complex) errands by themselves, with no parental supervision or outside help. It's refreshing to see these kids press on, no matter how daunting the task before them- and reminds me a bit of myself after the pandemic essentially reset my social skills. Seeing a two-year-old struggle through buying sweet curry at the local grocery store hits a little too close to home—but in a good way!

Unfortunately, Netflix owns international distribution rights, but there are plenty of other videos with similar premises online if you want to get your fix without forking over the money.

Truly, these toddlers are inspirations to us all.