When men enter beast mode

When men enter beast mode, check out this "roar factor" of masculinity, the moments and times when men inhabit their guttural, beast-like selves.

This video, "I need this guy's card," from the Instagram account asan.prjct based in Guam, is awe-inspiring, brave, and yet to be replicated.

He had no shirt, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, what appeared to be a cast on his right arm, a stadium of people, and a bull. This is drama at its best.

The commentator is just as creative as the bull rider, switching back and forth between Spanish and English and giving us an unforgettable description of the "greatest athletic achievement" in sports history.

"He just got half of the stadium pregnant with that look. Fumando un pinche cigarro (smoking a f***king cigarette),throwing gang signs, looking like he just got out of a Nicaraguan prison….Que va a hacer el vato? (What's the dude going to do)…he's gonna ride a bull."

"This is the greatest athletic achievement I have seen in my life, bro. This is better than Kobe's 81-point game, Usain bolts 100-meter dash, breaking all sorts of physics."