Time-lapse map of the colonization (and decolonization) of Africa

Maps help me learn. Visualizing historical processes with geographic representations and symbols can help tell different stories and facilitate remembering details about those new stories.

Visualizing the attempts at total geopolitical, cultural, and economic colonization of Africa, beginning in the middle of the 15th century as Arab trading of gold, ivory, and enslaved people transitioned as European nations turned from the "far" East to the south toward Africa, and west across the oceans of the round earth.

This 10:26-second video-map explores and visualizes the colonization of the continent of Africa by the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, British, Dutch, and French. Produced by Geo History where you will "find map animation videos summarizing historical subjects in a neutral and comprehensive manner. Our videos are relatively short, and aim to provide a global understanding of complex subjects."

This video mapping reveals the breadth and depth of imperial designs, policies, laws, and cultures, helping to understand what happened, the complex and overlapping relationships between geography and domination, and colonialism as an ongoing process.

All this imperial movement and colonial design, enforced through violence and justified by western philosophy's mental and epistemological divisions of the world, met with massive widespread, organized and spontaneous resistance, rebellions, and revolutions.

The video map narrates post-WWII anti-colonial movements, while these two maps, here and here, give political and visual insight into the resistance to overlapping genocidal European colonial projects.