North Dakota Republicans propose $1500 fines for using pronouns that upset them

If your institution receives state funding, a Republican lawmaker from North Dakota, David Clemons, "would fine people $1,500 if they refer to trans people using their correct pronouns, rather than the pronouns they were assigned at birth."

Like Texas and Florida, North Dakota Republican politicians have already proposed some anti-transgender legislation

Anya Zoledziowski of Vice News reports, "This latest proposal, "which has received basically zero support, according to local news station KFYR. In fact, the state's senate judiciary committee recommended the bill shouldn't pass, in part because it was poorly written and would be difficult to enforce. Still, the bill will move to the Senate floor, and is a sign of just how emboldened many conservative lawmakers are getting in their crusades against trans and nonbinary people."

Clemon's Republican colleagues stalled the bill in committee as it was "poorly written and unenforceable."

"Following the committee meeting, Christina Feldmann, a local resident and mother of a trans woman who died by suicide in 2021, confronted Clemens, the Bismark Tribune reported. 

"If she were to have gone to a school that referred to her as he/him, we would have lost her much sooner," Feldmann reportedly told Clemens. "Your bill will kill children. It's important that you be aware of that."

While the Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map created by Erin Reed identifies Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida as having the "Worst Active Anti-Trans Laws," North Dakota is in the next most dangerous tier. The safest states that count with legislative protections include California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Sadly, and with security and safety in mind, look for a newly revised bill soon. Cruelty takes many forms, but one that has existed for hundreds of years on this continent is Christian judging of others in the name of love and Jesus.