US charges higher tax rate on women's underwear than on men's

The average US tariff rate—the tax the government levies on the value of imported products—is higher for women's underwear than it is for men's. Most other countries have a flat tariff for undies across the board while in Japan and the European Union, women's underwear are taxed a lower rate than men's. From CNN:

The average US tariff rate on women's undergarments is 15.5%, compared to just 11.5% for men's. That means women are being charged a tax that's 35% higher than what their male counterparts pay, according to Ed Gresser, a former US trade official and current director for Trade and Global Markets at the Progressive Policy Institute.

"Worst Valentine's Day surprise ever," wrote Gresser in his report, as he estimated that the current US tariff system adds about $1.10 to each pair of women's underwear and about $0.75 to men's […]

The tariff problem extends beyond underwear. A study from the US International Trade Commission found that across all apparel products, two-thirds of the total tariff burden comes from women's apparel products.