Klangphonics makes electronic music with everyday objects

This is one of the coolest things I've heard lately. It's a group called Klangphonics, a trio that produces and performs live electronic music. Their website provides this description:

By using a combination of electronic elements and acoustic instruments, they bridge the gap between producer and live band. This results in a very natural, organic sound, whilst still retaining the energy associated with deep house and melodic techno. Onstage drums, guitar and diverse percussion are blended with synths and sequencers, creating a performance that works as well in a club as it does in concert. 

Here's one of their performances, a beautiful piece called Dendrometry that was recorded in the middle of a forest. It perfectly showcases their incredible mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. 

They also record more eclectic pieces—what they call "techno without a computer." EDM.com provides more info that aspect of their work:

The Berlin band produces techno music with a myriad of instruments and sounds that would otherwise be thought of as unconventional for the job, such as ukuleles, cats, pans, buckets, and even wine glasses.

In this cleaning-themed "techno without a computer" piece, they perform with a vacuum cleaner, plastic bucket, and cleaning spray (I especially love the sound the spray makes). And in this shower-themed piece, they use the sounds of a rubber duck and an electric toothbrush to complement their other more traditional instruments. For more of their incredible music, check out their YouTube channel.