James Gunn gives a peek at his script for Superman: Legacy on the Man of Steel's 85th anniversary

As the world inches closer to James Gunn's Superman movie, fans of the Man of Tomorrow are becoming increasingly impatient for news relating to the project. Since Gunn's Superman: Legacy is aiming to serve as the backbone for the auteur's newly minted DCU, a lot is riding on the project's shoulders. Above all, Gunn's Superman film has the unenviable task of revivifying the Man of Steel for a generation of fans that are either ambivalent or opposed to the character's position as a pop culture icon. However, if there's any director that's up to the task of reviving a superhero IP, it's the man that made Guardians of the Galaxy a hit franchise. 

To commemorate Superman's 85th anniversary on April 18th, James Gunn decided that it was time to partially pull back the curtain on his Superman script. In the Instagram post linked above, you can check out Gunn's post that gives some info about Superman: Legacy