Argue with a machine: Debate Devil pits your wits against AI

Debate Devil is a fun toy – pick a position and have an ARGUMENT with a machine! This is exactly the sort of thing I imagine would be really useful if you were a member of an amateur debating club (or, er, a really poor-quality barrister, probably), but, presuming that applies to literally none of you, you could instead use it to practice arguing for that payrise or that holiday to the Maldives or that divorce. More seriously (lol I am always serious) this isn't a terrible tool to test hypotheses and reasoning – based on my (admittedly limited) fiddling with it, it does a reasonable job of teasing out the obvious holes in a given position (but, also, I am a terrible and lazy arguer and so your mileage, as ever, may vary).

[via webcurios]