Experience simulated friendship at Tokyo's Tomodachi ga Yatteru Cafe

Feeling lonely? Head to the Tomodachi ga Yatteru Cafe in Tokyo, where actors and models ply their thespian talents to feign familiarity and affection towards the clientele. Customers are enveloped in a comforting cocoon of illusion, where they are greeted with enthusiastic exhortations like "You've come!" evoking the warm embrace of a bosom buddy's cafe.

At the Tomodachi ga Yatteru Cafe, a synthetic form of companionship is distilled and served up, one carefully crafted illusion at a time. Your designated server, playing the role of the confidant, inquires with studied nonchalance, "Would you like the one you always drink?"

Should you acquiesce to this charming deception, you'll find yourself the recipient of a randomly selected libation. But should you choose to steer the narrative, you can select from a coded lexicon of phrases printed on the menu. Utter the incantation, "What was that flower-filled cocktail I drank the other day?" and you'll be served a Floral Spumoni. Or sigh, "I've been wanting to drink Resawa since yesterday," to receive a Craft Lemon Sour.

At 1400 Yen, the drinks are on the expensive side, but that's not what you are paying for.