Mercedes-Benz launches new subscription service that lets you drive your car faster

CNN Business reports that Mercedes-Benz has launched a new subscription service for attainable car speeds. Yes really. And you have a choice to pay a monthly, or annual fee!

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle owners in North America who want a little more power and speed can now buy 60 horsepower for just $60 a month or, on other models, 80 horsepower for $90 a month. 

They won't have to visit a Mercedes dealer to get the upgrade either, or even leave their own driveway. The added power, which will provide a nearly one second decrease in zero-to-60 acceleration, will be available through an over-the-air software patch.

Buyers can bypass the monthly subscription completely however, and opt for an annual subscription payment or simply pay a one-time flat fee. For instance, a buyer could take an all-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 sedan from its standard 288 horsepower to 348 permanently for $1,950.

For what it's worth, the MSRP for that Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 is just under $75,000. So when you consider how high your monthly car payments already are, an extra $60 per month to rev your engine a little louder and make you feel a little more pretty — well, I guess it's not that much less terrible, ya know? As long as we ignore the fact that you're paying that much money to enable someone to literally remote control a car you own.

Subscription services for car speeds. Truly, what a time to be alive in this late stage capitalist hellscape.

You can make your Mercedes EV go faster for $60 a month [Peter Valdes-Dapena / CNN]