A look at the other Eames

The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity and the Eames Ranch aren't open right now, but you can still enjoy the on-line collection of virtual exhibits.  Many people think of the dapper and bow-tied Charles Eames when they see an iconic Eames chair or design. But he was always quick to credit his wife and creative partner Ray. One of my favorite on-line exhibits is a look at Ray Eames, called "Ray's Hand."

I love the assembled artifacts that recreate looking over her workspace with all the interesting little bits and bobs, giving an insight into her creative mind: an empty Parliament cigarette box filled with little bits of colored paper labeled "LITTLE SCRAPS"…handwritten note cards with cryptic captions "The positive NO" and "turn this over"… tin toys… tiny spinning tops… a matchbook from Disneyland… a doll's shoe… Japanese folk toys, all next to the handmade Revell model prototype of the Eames-designed house.