Actor seeks attention

Scott Baio seems to be moving out of California to support his daughter's athletic career. Rather than celebrate his daughter's achievement and the opportunities it provides her, Baio ranted about how he's forced to leave a state riddled with lawlessness and unhoused people.

Baio's wife, however, already social media-ed her excitement at enabling her daughter's future at the mere cost of a nice kitchen. Scott looks like a jerk.

Crime is down in Baio's soon-to-be former hometown of Los Angeles.


Baio's wife Renee tweeted some information about their daughter Bailey "BB" Baio and the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) that had some questioning if the couple was relocating for that reason.

"Never in my life did I think we would be changing our whole lives for our daughter to jump 'all in' on her dream!," her tweet reads. "I will miss my new kitchen and our friends, however, this is a very exciting journey we are on with 'BB.' Go get it baby girl!"