How Patrick Nagel prints (and crude imitations) came to haunt America's hair salons

The brilliant YouTube channel, Nerdwriter1, explains the origins of those captivating paintings of pale women which adorn the walls of almost every hair salon in the country.

Art is timeless. Even if art is created to capture the zeitgeist of its era, there's an eternal quality to most great works of art. Moreover, one could even argue that great paintings have the ability to defy the ravages of time better than any other medium. While The Beatles were the biggest band on Earth, the Mona Lisa was still incredibly famous and worth a staggering amount of money. Nowadays, most Gen Z kids could care less about the Beatles, but the Mona Lisa is as famous and worth even more money.

In the video linked above, you can check out Nerdwriter's aforementioned explanation of similarly timeless pieces of art known as Nagel's Women.