Drag queen Nana Tuckit makes powerful statement by introducing the person behind the alter ego, Nik

Nana Tuckit, a drag queen from Portland, Oregon known for her vintage style, has a compelling message for haters: "Drag queens are more than what you see." Advocating for acceptance, she encourages critics to delve deeper into understanding her, and other drag performers. To convey this, she made a video that introduces Nik, her male persona, to show that they are the same person on the inside.

It starts with Nana, "If you saw me in public, I'm pretty sure you'd notice me, right?" And then switches to Nik, dressed casually in a black sweater and jeans, "You wouldn't look twice at this guy." Back to Nana, "Same person." Nik echoes, "Same person."

The video continues with the two personas volleying back and forth with different examples, but with the same message.

"Those hate groups are really coming after me!" exclaims Nana.

"Those same hate groups are trying to recruit me," Nik says, "Same person."

Nana, "Same person."