Educator: Dr. Seuss book "stresses" kids by making change their responsibility

As I continue to read the trades for you I find in the latest issue of edplay, ("Dedicated to the Specialty Toy Industry") an article about yet another criticism of a Dr. Seuss book. Added to the previous calls of tone-deaf racism is the accusation that the book The Lorax is scaring kids:

"Nance Wilson, a professor of literacy education at the State University of New York Cortland, thinks that the book puts the responsibility on kids to change for the good of the environment. It says 'It's you, the children, who must make the change, because we as adults will not,' she told EducationWeek. 'That's where The Lorax becomes problematic and a little stressful. Wow, what a stressor to put on children. 'You are the ones who will fix the world.' We need to remind students it's a collaborative effort and work together."

I wonder if Greta Thunberg read this Dr. Seuss book when she was younger?