There is no "self" in Eastern Philosophy and this experimental neuroscience can't find it either  

At Big Think, Chris Niebauer writes "Eastern philosophy says there is no "self." Science agrees." This concept is often difficult for Westerners to grasp, myself very much included. But research in neuroscience is beginning to shed light on the nature of the self and suggest that Eastern philosophers may have been onto something.

It looks as though the self is not located in any one part of the brain. Instead, it is a product of the brain's activity as a whole. This means that the self is not a physical entity, but instead entirely a mental construct.

The implications of this research are profound! If the self is not a real thing, then it cannot be the source of our happiness or unhappiness. Instead, our happiness is determined by our very own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Frustrating to say the least! 😅