Why is the birth rate in Japan so low?

Wanting to be a parent is such a 20th-century desire. Well, if you listen to enough millennials and members of Gen Z, you might begin to feel like that's the case. As fears of overpopulation, climate change, and financial instability continue to grow among people of childbearing age, babies are starting to become retro.

In the eyes of millions worldwide, there's no reason to bring a child into a world that will be barely hospitable for human life and is on the brink of World War 3. Plus, if the other crises are averted through some miraculous intervention, overpopulation still makes the concept of having children seem all the more irresponsible.

And while birth rates are slouched across the globe, few places are experiencing a collapsing birth rate like Japan. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel The Japan Report explains why the country's birth rate is in such a rough shape and what that means for the island nation's future.