Enjoy the new kids' space at London's Victoria and Albert Museum

It's already the world's largest museum of art and design, covering 12.5 acres with 145 galleries of stuff. It's free of charge, too! But if that's not enough, on July 1st The Victoria and Albert Museum in London opens its new "Young V&A" wing with exhibits and experiences for kids and families. From their website:

"Young V&A will be a 'doing' museum – a joyful, buzzing, and optimistic place underpinned by the power of design and creativity. Today we shared some of the amazing hands-on experiences audiences can look forward to, including sensory playscapes, a finger skateboard park, an 'Imagination Playground' construction zone, a performance and story-telling stage, and an open design studio for children and young people. These elements – and more – will help to celebrate playful learning through creativity and create multigenerational activities and experiences."

Can't go in person? Check out the website with fun stuff like an ASMR demo of outfitting a 17th-century dollhouse. October brings another new exhibit, "Japan: Myths to Manga."