Adorable new octopus species discovered in "uninhabitable" deep-sea nursery

A team of researchers recently discovered a new species of octopus, just chilling in a deep sea nursery off the coast'a Costa Rica. And I do mean chilling — the octopus nursery is located on top of a cold hydrothermal vent. When scientists first discovered it back in 2013, they also found 100 female octopuses watching over their egg broods, but none of the eggs were deemed to be viable because of the cold conditions.

Ten years later, that's turned out to not be the case. From SkyNews:

Scientists say both the discovery of the new species of Muusoctopus, a genus of small to medium sized octopus without an ink sac, and the nursery are notable.

The rare brooding site – at 2,800m below sea level – is only the third known octopus nursery in the world.

All hail our baby cephalopod overlords.