Check out the latest edition of Pat Moriarity's "Deep Artwork"

The drawing in "Deep Artwork" is classic Moriarity underground style and much of the original content has been stripped away to create full-page, text-free illustrations but what really "stands out" is the fantastic 3D engineering by Christian LeBlanc. The full-page images are truly D-E-E-P with clever multi-plane effects, like a reflection in a mirror that is set way back in space for unusually effective stereoscopic realism.

Giant sized 3D art zine. 32 pages measuring 12X9.5 inches. 3D mastermind, Christian LeBlanc has taken Moriarity's powerful crazy art and turned it into a brain-bending, eye-shattering experience. Iggy Pop's butt has never stuck out farther. Between Pat Moriarity's art and Christian LeBlanc's 3D work, all the different colored pages, and the large magazine size with rounded corners, this book is a circus of visual delights. Printed on glossy 120g paper with 300g cardstock covers. A unique limited edition that is sure to sell out. Each book comes with a free pair of 3D glasses. $21.50 with free shipping.

I picked up a copy at the Hot Off The Press comic fest in Seattle. Pat Moriarity told me the very latest edition that has vastly improved anaglyph printing. Instead of red and green inks printed on a paper-white background, the pages are covered in a neutral warm/cool light "greige" color. This helps immensely in reducing the cross-talk between the cyan and red filters when viewed with the 3D glasses.