Dozens of children hospitalized after Ouija board fun goes wrong

After playing with a Ouija board, several dozen schoolchildren were sent to the hospital after fainting, temporarily losing sight, and suffering from intense anxiety. According to school rector Emilio Balantafrom of the San Francisco de Asís School in Timbiquí, Colombia, it was a "diabolical situation." Fortunately the children have recovered. Either the devil let them off easy or perhaps it was a case of mass psychogenic illness. Captain Howdy couldn't be reached for comment. From The Mirror:

Before they left the school, rector Emilio Balanta sprinkled holy water onto the group and was heard muttering a prayer.

He said: "It is a very unusual phenomenon which occurred. A girl started to struggle so the others grabbed her so she wouldn't hit herself, then another girl started to have the same problem[…]

"Some say it's because of the Ouija board and others because of an online challenge they found on the internet. They are the two versions, but no one has verified it yet."