White Texan child "traumatized" by classroom photos of Black and White kids holding hands

A parent and schoolboard trustee in Conroe, Texas recently complained that her child was "traumatized" by a classroom poster depicting children with different skin colors holding hands. The child was so "traumatized" that they had to switch classrooms, and now the parent wants the school to extend their prohibition against political displays to include a ban on "symbols of personal ideologies."

"Racial inclusivity" is, apparently, a "personal ideology."

From ABC 13 Houston:

Citing "a number of parents reaching out to her about supposed displays of personal ideologies in classrooms," Melissa Dungan asked her fellow board members to crackdown on them.


When pressed to share one of those examples, Dungan referred to a first grade student whose parent claimed they were so upset by a poster showing hands of people of different races, that they transferred classrooms.


Dungan wouldn't say whether she found that poster objectionable, just that she wants to avoid "situations like that" by having the board adopt stricter standards and adhere to state policies already in place, prohibiting teachers from displaying political items not relevant to curriculum.


When asked if bible verses were also in violation of existing policy and should be removed, Dungan struggled to respond.

For those who were concerned, Dungan's child has since been moved to a different classroom, where they will supposedly be safe from the triggering trauma of seeing other people co-exist.

Conroe ISD trustee argues displays of racial inclusivity and pride in classrooms should be removed [Shannon Ryan / ABC 13]