Gladys Ingle changes a plane tire in mid air (1926)

This film of Gladys Ingle (the only woman in Hollywood's 13 Black Cats aerial daredevil stunt troop) changing a plane tire mid air is astonishing to see. She stands on the wing of the plane as it takes off and flies parallel to the plane in need of a wheel change. This colorized version of the original footage is fantastic as well.

I get scared while simply flying in a large, safe commercial airplane. It's beyond me that anyone has the guts to perform a task like this. I'm in awe of this brave woman!

From Youtube:

"In 1926, GLADYS INGLE – the only female member of Hollywood's 13 Black Cats aerial daredevil stunt troop – was filmed changing planes in mid-air to replace a lost wheel! (Jan 1926)

NOTE: I've upscaled and colorized this amazing clip from the original British Pathe footage. The original clip lacked audio so I've added sound effects.

The 13 BLACK CATS flew "Jennys" – Curtiss JN-4 biplanes with an abundance of struts and wires to grip, making it ideal for stunt-riders and wing-walkers. 

Gladys earned her fearless reputation by changing planes in mid-air without a parachute or safety gear. Legend has it she performed her wing-walking stunts hundreds of times. 

In the video, she's a young and spry woman of 25 or 26 years old transferring from Bon McDougall's airplane to Art Goebel's airplane with no parachute or safety gear. 

In 1927, after several aerial stunt and wing-walking deaths, parachutes were finally required by law.

Gladys went on to live a long and healthy life, passing away in 1981, at 82 years of age."