Rob Liefeld's infamous big chested Captain America artwork is up for auction

Heritage Auctions just listed a uniquely fascinating piece of American pop history: the original black-and-white artwork from Rob Liefeld's 1996 Heroes Reborn cover featuring Captain America with, erm, a very ample chest region.

You know the one.

Questionable anatomy aside — it is a pretty famous work of modern American pop art. Here's the official auction listing:

Rob Liefeld – Captain America "Heroes Reborn" Promotional Illustration Original Art (c. 1996).This is it… the most infamous comic illustration ever created! Love him or hate him, Rob Liefeld has made a name for himself in the comics industry as a superstar artist and creator throughout his 35 years in comics. Liefeld worked on Captain America for the "Heroes Reborn" event, which marked his return to Marvel after leaving the comic giant to form Image Comics. His art style has been the focus of debate for fans over the years, with this promotional illustration for the title being an overwhelming favorite of people's love/ire. The piece spawned countless memes and populates any Google search involving "Liefeld" or "Captain America". It is unlikely that any other piece in comics history has been more talked about or gotten more attention, especially since the age of the internet! Ink over graphite on Image Bristol board with an image area of 9.5" x 15.25". Rough upper right side edge, whiteout corrections/touch-ups, blue pencil in the lower right corner, and light handling wear. Signed by Liefeld in the bottom left corner and in Excellent condition.

Bidding starts at $8250.

Rob Liefeld – Captain America "Heroes Reborn" Promotional Illustration Original Art (c. 1996) (Heritage Auctions)