Activist makes art out of fast trashion

Another Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone, we've stuffed ourselves and emptied our pockets like our forefathers intended. I bought some fire sale pants with a considerable elastic waistband just in time for the holiday season. And, as is custom, I'll probably only wear them around then. After vacation, they'll sit, rolled up in the back of my closet, forgotten until spring cleaning.

Eventually, I'll sift through the pile of old clothes, too-small, too-big, just-a-little broken and donate them to a charitable organization. They'll accept my bundle but sort out those elastic pants from family Christmas. They aren't saleable, as I'll have soberly spilled cranberry sauce and gravy all over the left thigh. So, the pants will end up in a bale and will be imported, at a profit, to Accra, Ghana.

Or they'll end up in the hands of artist VonWong. Statistically, it's about as likely as me simultaneously winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning, but hey, a girl can dream. Check out Von's project here.