Happiness is a warm full-scale remote-control vehicle

The Little Car Company and Team Associated have scaled legendary remote controlled cars of yore into full scale fantasy garage queens. The Little Car Company's Tamiya Wild One Max EV is based on the original 1985 Tamiya Wild One RC, and there are road legal variants of this car available in the UK and EU.

Who hasn't imagined getting behind the wheel of their favourite r/c car? The Wild One Max is that dream come true. It's a road legal, 38bhp, 48V electric buggy that weighs 500kg might just be the most unashamedly fun car of 2023.

The Little Car Company | Tamiya Wild One Max

Team Associated have scaled their 1984 RC10 design and draped it on a classic Jimco chassis sporting a 1600cc VW Type 1 air cooled engine.